28 December 2010

Final Rhyme

In the harbour, where he lay,
A man thought it was, the perfect day.
The sun was shining, the birds were out,
It gave him reason, not to doubt,
That there wasn’t any, huge commotion, 
Going on, in the middle, of the ocean.
He thought it was, a good idea,
To find a boat, to commandeer,
And sail it to, his lady’s home,
Who lived far away, and all alone.
So off he went to find a boat,
Something small, strong, and likely to float.
Of course in this harbour, it took no time,
To come across, what he wanted to find.
A lovely little boat, with a wooden mast,
And a big white sail, to make it go fast.
He knew his lady, would love the surprise,
But foolishly he rushed, not checking the skies.
He jumped on board, and got ready to leave,
Pulling at the ropes, he gave a great heave,
The boat drifted out, away from the side,
And floated down the river, along with the tide.
He traveled out slowly, with the warm ocean breeze,
Moving closer and closer, towards the seas. 
As the sailor tacked, out of the river
He felt a huge gust, which made him shiver.
The waves started to swell, making the boat rock,
He knew he should turn, back into the dock.
But the man didn’t care, he was feeling bold,
Even as the boat swayed, rocked and rolled.
The boat was crashing, against the tide,
And the sailor leaned out, over the side.
His destination, was still far in the distance,
But convinced he could make it, with a little persistence.
Then with one huge wave, hurling onto the boat,
There wasn't long, for him to stay afloat.
He looked into the bottom, and noticed a crack.
Yes, now was the time, he had to go back.
He travelled fast, whilst he was still assail,
The boat would soon sink, in this horrible gale.
He had little time, to get back to the land,
The water so high, he had to stand.
The harbour was near, there wasn’t far to go,
But there was little left, of the boat to show.
The sailor jumped off, when they reached the side,
With a sigh of relief, he ran off to hide.
He knew he’d done wrong, he was scared to be seen,
The little boat was now sinking, deep into the green.
The owner would soon, arrive at the dock, 
His boats disappearance, would be a terrible shock.
But the sailor was selfish, he just didn’t care
He had no desire to tell, show or share,
What had happened to the boat, on this unusual day 
Sadly he cared, only for the fact, that he was Ok.

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